#6 1000+ Hours of Meditation

10 days in complete silence –  if you’re living with kids or in a noisy environment, that might sounds like heaven. But let’s be honest: It also sounds like a tremendous challenge, especially if you are not supposed to move, read or write during that time... In this episode, we talked to Akshay Mahajan who has spent over 1000 hours practicing different kinds of meditation, including a Vipassana silence retreat.Read more

#5: Working With Your Spirit Guides

CEO and spiritual medium - not really two job titles you generally see together on someone’s Linkedin profile. Our guest Larissa Hämisegger is the CEO of UNUmondo, an unconventional language school - and a medium. For the longest time, she felt like a stranger on earth, until she learned how to connect to her heart and discovered a deep sense of inner peace.Read more

#4: Family Constellations & Ancestor Work

Complete strangers acting as your family members, sudden insights into generational trauma, intuitive immersions in your family tree? Sounds intense - and a bit magical. In today’s episode, we talk to business mentor and family constellations leader Merel van Vugt, to explore how the family constellations approach can help us understand our family’s dynamics and patterns, and heal unresolved issues. Read more

#3: Transformation – The Love To Change The World

How can spirituality shape a doctor's medical practice? And what is it like to work with a spiritual mentor? If you are like us, you might feel a certain resistence when it comes to following gurus and other spiritual guides. But Kriti's inner clarity and peace really made us curious about her journey and the support she found along the way. Read more


We are Tanja and Arjanna, two amateur spiritual seekers who love yoga retreats, following their intuition and connecting with nature, but feel awkward about saying prayers, hugging trees and manifesting our way through life. Although we both notice that our spiritual journeys are accelerating, we feel like we are missing a map of the spiritual road network. By learning from others about how they apply spirituality in their day-to-day lives, we hope to find more clarity for ourselves - and the listeners of this podcast.

Tanja Lau

Arjanna van der Plas

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