How can spirituality shape a doctor’s medical practice? And what is it like to work with a spiritual mentor? If you are like us, you might feel a certain resistence when it comes to following gurus and other spiritual guides. But Kriti’s inner clarity and peace really made us curious about her journey and the support she found along the way.

Dr. Kriti Nanda, Medical Doctor, Mental Health Coach, Researcher in Contemplative Sciences and Developer of Digital Tools for Mindfulness.

Since a very young age, Kriti’s passion has been to help spread the awareness and importance of holistic Mental Health and Well-being. She supports individuals in overcoming their personal obstacles and energy drainers – with a focus on guiding them beyond their symptoms to helping address their root cause. Kriti believes that all we need today is hidden within us – we often simply just don’t know how to access it. The transformation tools she has experienced herself and is practising and sharing today, she learned from her guide Maitreya Dadashreeji. They have been developed specifically for the current time and have been scientifically validated. The goal, very simple, is to help individuals connect to themselves and really understand themselves, so they can be empowered to lead a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life and experience their true nature – unconditional Love.

…more about her journey can be found on her homepage

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